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Thread: K40 Laser Weak Burn

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    Unhappy K40 Laser Weak Burn

    Not sure if this is the proper forum to post an issue but i'm at a loss on figuring out a problem that looked to be so obvious. I own 2 Chinese k40 laser cutters, one that wasn't really being used much started having a weak burn. I immediately thought it has to be the laser tube so I replaced it. The new one was no different. It will engrave wood and other material but barely even if i bumped up the power on the digital panel. I can hear the frequency change as I test burn but the power really doesn't change much. Mirrors are perfectly aligned, New and clean. I filmed the laser tube and its stable with a nice purple color so from what I read, it should be OK. What else could be cause a weak burn? Maybe a bad power supply or Digital Panel?
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    Probably a bad power supply, but it's hard to say. Also, there's a Laser cutting subforum- this should probably get moved over there.

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    check to make sure your beams not hitting the cone
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