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Thread: Outdoor Paitio Furniture Wood Recommendation?

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    Great question that I get on a regular basis (I sell some lumber in central VA). Here on the east coast we don't have affordable access to much in the way of cedar other than our own eastern red with is typically a low grade with plenty of defects and narrow. Clear western red cedar is pretty pricey. Teak would be great but very pricey. Generally I lean towards the aforementioned white oak, or sapele, or at a better price point eucalyptus grandis (red grandis). If you can find thermally modified wood such as ash or poplar, those are very good options as well. I've built a couple decks with ipe and love it, I just don't have it available in my shop.

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    WO will turn black outside, even with a finish on it.

    Tropical hardwood would be my choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy Warner View Post
    WO will turn black outside, even with a finish on it.

    Tropical hardwood would be my choice.
    You got something against black? :^) It is what it is.

    My preference is for teak, for this application. This is what God intended this wood to be used for. A million sailors canít be wrong. BTDT.

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    Not easy to find but I'd consider black locust for outdoor use. Stuff is reputed to last 2 years short of forever.

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    I built my deck out of Tiger Wood. It's one of the exotic decking woods but it's cheaper than IPE and easier to work with. Since I had left over wood I made a few chairs for friends and while they turned gray they have held up for more than a decade. It's nice wood because it doesn't splinter. It also weighs about the same as WO, not like IPE. But it could be hard to find in your area.

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