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Thread: Clark deep hollowing system

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    Clark deep hollowing system

    Any opinions from users of this rig as compared to other captured hollowing systems? This looks intriguing, stout and maneuverable. I currently use a homemade snake type hollower with a JT Transformer boring bar but am looking for something more substantial.

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    In have a friend that has that system and he likes it. The only complaint was he wished he bought the video system with it as it was sometimes hard to see the laser based where you are positioned.
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    I've looked at it on Youtube and on his website. It looks like a good system, but I have a real tough time, from his website, trying to figure out what you actually get is the package and how much extra I'd need to spend to get end up with the system I want.

    I wish he had a "What's in the box, along with photos" on each page.

    I haven't found a video that also may help in this regard.

    It looks like he's right there, price wise, with the Lyle Jamieson system, but I know exactly what I'm getting with the LJ system, whereas, with the Clark, I don't know if I'm going to be spending quite a bit more al a carte.

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    I have the system and the steady rest and they have worked well for me.

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    I have the system and i love it. It is my go to for most things. Very well made and works like a dream. I agree about the website. They desperately need to have someone re-do their site. It does not do their tools justice.

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