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Thread: Source for dust collector fittings etc

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    Source for dust collector fittings etc

    Looking for a reasonable priced hose, fittings, gates, etc. up to 6". I would like to buy everything from one source which seems to be a problem. Powertec is the only one I have found so for any others you know of?

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    When I needed dust collector fittings (years and years ago) I stopped by a local HVAC shop and asked them what it would cost to have them fabricate what I needed. It was very reasonable as I recall and besides I like supporting local businesses. Might consider going that route, depending on what you are looking for. I made my own blast gates from coffee cans, plywood, and 1/4 hardboard, they work really well if I do say so myself. I should mention my main line is 7", that's why I had the HVAC make the fittings; 7" to a 6" 45 degree Y, etc...
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    Buying from one source is not necessarily a problem. Paying too much for some of the items is almost guaranteed when you go that route. Like the old saying goes; Time or Money, you have to pay one or the other. Being an informed consumer can save you some cash but, you will have to do the leg work. If you have more money than time, just go to Oneida, Blastgate co, or another all-in-one supplier and place your order. Shopping for the best bang for the buck by class of component can save you a bundle on your ducting and fittings. Basic question, steel or plastic?
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    Assuming you are looking for metal fittings, best place I found with a good selection And good prices is Kencraft. Half the price of Oneida for the same thing.

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    In case Kencraft does not have everything you need try Air Handling
    for the specialty items.


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    One-stop shopping. Great prices and service.

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    1,513 I purchased all my fittings except blast gates from these guys. I did not ship pipe,bought spiral pipe locally from a Hvac supply in 10 ' lengths. I live in Alberta and buying my fittings from Spiral gave me a much nicer product designed specifically for dust collection and saved me over 50 % off the local quote even including freight and exchange on the dollar. Pipe itself was less money on this side of the border.

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    If you don't mind using snap lock pipe, Ace Hardware has 26 gauge pipe and fittings. I only found T's and no Y's, would have to source Y's elsewhere.

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    Another vote for They will everything you need

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