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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    18 Nay 2020

    It's been a busy week at the day job and oncall hasn't been terrible. I did finish writing and testing a Python script that has now moved into production status. I'm super happy that I was able to hack my way through it to get one written. Worked a bit in the shop and help the LOML finish up and deliver masks to those that have asked for them. We are no longer making masks. We made and sent out over 450 masks at our own expense to try and help those that needed/wanted help.
    Hopefully, I'll get more shop time in this week. I do have about 3 projects I need to work my way through.

    That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Finished a 15" NE pecan bowl with bowties. Had to stop shaping the exterior when I started finding deeply embedded pieces of metal. Bowl has a natural split (max ~1/2" wide" with bark inclusions all the way across the bottom thus the bowties.

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    'Glad things are calm at work and congrats on the script, Dennis!

    Busy week in my shop and home...completed a natural edge mirror frame for a client after I was done cutting chair seats for another client. 'Creeker Clark Hussey made a journey to my shop to pick up the combo sander he bought from was great meeting him and his son, despite having to be masked and socially distant during our visit together. I did cut another parallel clamp storage rack to further clean up that area which reclaimed some room.

    IMG_7416.jpg IMG_7427.jpg

    I then shifted focus to replacing an exterior door on our home. It's an unused entrance on the front of the 250 year old stone portion of the building and likely never to be used again for various reasons including dangerous, old masonry/brick steps and an inconvenient location. The existing door was something that the previous owners had some maker cobble together without regard to wood movement and it is so cracked that it was finally unsalvageable. After examining multiple potential solutions, the most cost effective and most aesthetically pleasing choice was to replace it with a faux door. That means it looks the same from the road, but is now a fully insulated "wall". All of the exterior work is complete and I'm just waiting on the glass to arrive for the 20'x20' 2x2 divided light window to arrive to finalize that part of the process. Exterior wise, this looks nearly identical to existing...better, actually, because it's, um...actually level.




    This week, I really, really, REALLY have to clean my shop up. It's covered in chips and dust from multiple projects. And do some weeding if I get motivated. And some other outdoor permitting.

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    During the past week, I more or less finished up the repair of my father-in-law's French door. I'll put another coat of paint on it before I put a bow on it.

    The college student was home for the weekend, so I didn't spend as much time in the workshop as I do some weekends. On Sunday the family visited the city botanical garden where an azalea was dedicated to my late mother-in-law last year. Unfortunately the garden was closed during the time it was in bloom.

    My scrap piles have been overrunning the workshop for several weeks, so I did take a little time during the week to clear a bunch of it out. I still have plenty of pieces that are "too good to throw away", but not so much that I'm tripping over them everywhere. I used a few of the scraps to make this caddy for the Glencairns.
    Glencairn Caddy, 800.jpg
    Cherry and walnut, with a Waterlox finish that's still in progress.
    Chuck Taylor

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    Aside from hours spent doing the day job from home, I spread a couple tons of fertilizer on our hayfields and the neighbor's, which included some fussing time taking the dual wheels (from winter) off the tractor and mounting the spreader, and cleaning it and returning it to storage until next year. Worked on firewood some, and took the Bobcat over to the neighbors to pull some brush for them. Not a lot of shop time, and in the warm months it's mostly small turning projects shoehorned into available bits of time, not much flat work. One rainy evening I turned a couple spheres that had been drying in the shop for a couple years (maple burl about 4" shown) and finished a couple curly red maple natural edge bowls from a curly log I happened into cutting firewood (bowl about 10" in long dimension). A little stained from sitting in the log pile for a year, but still kind of pretty wood (IMHO).

    Before anyone asks, no, the spheres have no purpose other than geegaws, though they are kind of addictive to just roll around in your hand as a "worry stone."

    Jim, that looks like an interesting house, do you have a wider view?



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    Finished up my first quarantine project! Lounge chair in Claro Walnut with a Bison leather seat. This thing had some crazy angled cuts, which made it really fun to build.


    Based on Jory Brigham Design. Really love his work.

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    Everyone keeping busy it seems. I finished filling up the finish rack with cabinet doors. 70 to finish now. Uuugh.

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    A week without rain, so I replaced the lean to shed on back of shop (10 X 30.) Tore off old shingles, rotted decking, and rotted rafters. Replaced with new. Got the Weather Guard on decking this morning. With Weather Guard, shingling can wait a couple weeks. It's supposed to start raining tonight, and last thru the end of the week. As usual, made biscuits on Sunday for widows and grandson. Last Thursday took day off from project and met wife's brother and SIL in Winston Salem for lunch. They have been "stranded" at cabin in NC mountains since early March.

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    Dave, I love that sphere! It's not a geegaw, it's an objet d'art!

    My cherry plywood (13 sheets) for the office cabinets arrived Tuesday around dinner time. I spent a few hours on Wednesday doing one or two rips on each sheet with the track saw and moving them down into the basement shop. The new table saw got a workout turning them into this:


    One dimension is exact, the other rough and will be trimmed to final after they are edge banded. Since the pic was taken I have about 3/4 of them banded but not flushed or trimmed. I need to pick up some more 4/4 cherry for the door frames and drawers and drawer fronts. I had a fair amount in "stock" left over from the mantle project, but not enough, especially since I used some for the edge banding. If we get a nice day I'll make the 3-4 hour round trip to my favorite hardwood lumber supplier and pick up a couple of hundred board feet. It can acclimate while I finish the plywood boxes.

    We had a dry day or two so I got some yard work done. Jim, I hear you about the weeds; definitely my least favorite chore. And I did a few household jobs: moved a drapery rod that has been too low for about 10 years, and patched some sheetrock where my old mantle used to meet the side wall. Anyway, week kind of flew by.
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