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Thread: Evolution in design.

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    If dust is an issue, although in a minor way since the interior has a roof over its head You can add an either transparent or obscured Japanese paper to the back of the Kumiko panels. This still allows light to get thorough, keeps all dust out. Although the art pieces inside will not be clearly visible. Something I will visit in a future iteration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prashun Patel View Post
    Didn't mean to imply it wasn't thought out. The intention in these is obvious. I love these design discussions, though. I learn a lot... Thanks!
    Also enjoy discussing design, a super interesting topic. Krenov' series of books really turned me on to the thought process behind this style of cabinet on stand.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Prashun Patel View Post

    In addition, I think the meticulous detail and complexity of the cabinet is in contrast to the base. I think I'd appreciate a more delicate base by virtue of some tapers, or curves..
    Prashun, I show a photo of the full length of the stand. The legs are tapered. missed that point in your feedback earlier.
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