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Thread: Aromatic Cedar

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    Aromatic Cedar

    Aromatic Cedar,
    While I have the closet gutted for a rebuild I was thinking about lining it with aromatic cedar. Mostly for the fragrance and partially for the protection.
    Some years ago they made cedar chip board paneling that claimed the features of a lined closet. Any experience with this product?? Is it still made?
    Will cedar fencing or the paneling they use in saunas work ??
    I only have two wool suits a few sweaters and no moth problem. Is this still being done? I thought I read once that the room had to be completely line and sealed to be effective against moths. As this isn't an issue I wanted to start my research here.
    Thanks in advance.
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    The last Cedar lined closet that I saw done used T&G cedar "planks", about 2"-3" wide, and a 1/2" thick. I know that it came in small bundles like hardwood flooring. I've never seen the cedar paneling that you refer to. It would be a time saver though.
    As for being airtight. The entire bedroom that this cedar closet was put into was pretty aromatic for a few days. Real strong "Great White North Hunting Lodge Cabin", sort of smell.
    It sounds like a fun project, good luck.

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    Aromatic cedar

    Hi Tyler,
    My folks used the cedar chip board to line their closets in a home they built 20+ years ago. It was ~~ 1/2 " thick and actually had a nice appearance. It was left unfinished and they could sand the surface to release more of the cedar aroma.
    Fencing and other structural applications generally use western red cedar, which could work for you but has much less aromatic properties.
    You mentioned a couple of suits and sweaters to protect but I'm just guessing you have a Christmas thong or two on the closet someplace.
    Good luck . John.

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    My local Lowes has the cedar chip board in stock. Just saw some a couple of weeks ago. Also I have seen 2" or so planks in Sams that looked like it was 1/4" thick and toung and grooved.

    Good luck and the other picture police will NOT need to see proof of the thong..... TMI

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    Lowes carries both the cedar chip board sheets and the bundled T&G planks. I used the chip boards sheet goods a few years ago to line some window seats that I built for my mom in her den. Worked really nice plus the blankets that get stored in there always have the great cedar odor.

    I have used the T&G bundled stuff for a number of projects. The cherry hope chest I built for my wife is lined with it. I also used it as the back for the chest of drawers that I just finished for her. It is about 1/4" thick. There are a mix of long and short pieces in a bundle I think it is about $25 for 15sf or so. There is usually about 25% all sapwood peices in a box in my experience.

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    Tyler, as mentioned Lowes and home cheapo carry both. I have used both the chip paneling and the t&g boards.
    I would suggest in a closet, to line the back wall with the chip board paneling and the sides and ceiling with the T&G boards.
    I have made some closets out of melamine and made the back out of the chip paneling (gives a nice smell when you open the doors).
    I have alsoa used the T&G boards to line a window seat in my daughters room.
    IMHO, you can't go wrong with either, just a personal preference.
    One last thing, after a while, both will start to lose their smell. Just take some 220 grit sandpaper, and hand wipe (one pass) to bring the smell back.


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    tyler, being a cheap hillbilly i buy #4 cedar decking shorts from the local lumber yard and t&g them myself. it`s western red but it works for pennies.....02 tod

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    I prefer the planks personally. I don't like the look of the chipboard and it doesn't seem to have the good smell for as long as the planks.

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    Tight Seal

    Unless this closet has a door and a fairly tight seal, you will be smelling the cedar in the rest of the house. The effectiveness of cedar depends on the concentration of the odor. If the closet is closed up, then one wall may be plenty. IF the door is open, you may need more surface coverage. The odor will decline over time and it will be necessary at some point to sand the surface to restore the odor.

    The nice part about cedar is that clothes don't retain the smell once they are removed from the closet or cedar chest.

    As others have said, the cedar used in fencing and decking is a different species and may not provide any protection.
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    I read (somewhere I forget) that the 1/4" planking sold at Lowes and the Despot are actually Juniper. Anybody know about that?


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    Aromatic Cedar

    I have built and supplied cedar for many cedar closets.You need to use aromatic red cedar not western red.
    The cedar order comes from oil in the red part of the cedar and it is not fond in western cedar.
    I have seen people used the pressed board that you are talking about, It will work fine (the more red in it the more cedar order).
    The stuff you see at Lowe's is a bit less then 1/4" thick and past its prime but it will work.
    I make most of my cedar t&g a bit under 1/2" thick this seems to work best for my customers.

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    could one of you guys educate me? i know western red isn`t the same as aromatic but it smells like cedar and is rot resistant...neither are spanish such as in humidor construction but that`s not what is required for closets. so without going latin on me, in laymans terms what`s the difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Booth
    I read (somewhere I forget) that the 1/4" planking sold at Lowes and the Despot are actually Juniper. Anybody know about that?

    There are about 26 verities of cedar most all are related to the juniper family.

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    Although the walls and ceiling of our cedar closet (above my shop) is done with the planking mentioned above, the floor is made with the cedar chip-board. It has the same "smell" as the other stuff. I believe it's about 1/4" thick and I have seen it in the home centers on occasion, but I don't frequent them these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bush

    You mentioned a couple of suits and sweaters to protect but I'm just guessing you have a Christmas thong or two on the closet someplace.
    Good luck . John.
    Thank you, thank you. thank you, gents valuable information. But right now John I am gouging out my own minds eye. Eeeeeeyuuue!!!!!
    Live Like You Mean It.

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