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Thread: Need new rubber conveyor belt for 15" wide belt sander

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    Need new rubber conveyor belt for 15" wide belt sander

    I have the Grizzly G9932 15" wide belt sander.
    It's not discontinued.

    My rubber conveyor belt, which feeds my wood in, is worn, and so the wood slips.
    Grizzly no longer stocks they rubber belt.
    The size is 380mm x 1600mm

    Anyone know where I can go to get a new one?

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    Unless you have been hitting the belt with the sanding belt, I'd scrub it up with Simple Green and you'll be good to go for a while longer. How is it worn?

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    Have you dressed it yet with 60 grit? Dave

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    Had a similar problem. Went to an industrial conveyer belt supplier and they made me a new belt out of a piece of offcut that they had lying around.

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    Cloth back sanding belt will also work.

  6. Replacing the conveyer belt on a wide belt sander is no easy task. As far as I am aware, you will have to remove the entire conveyer platform. Wide belt technicians get paid a lot of money to do this because of the difficultly of the job. You will need to use a dial indicator or Rotacator to make sure that the conveyer platform is parallel to the sanding drum when you go to reinstall it. Then you will have to make sure it tracks properly and is tensioned the correct amount.

    I would try asking Grizzly first for a price on a new conveyer belt. I would imagine they would be the best source based on my experiences with Grizzly machines. Be sure to update this thread when you get it done and let us know how it went.

    My wide belt sander took a crap on me the other day and now I am searching for a new (used) model. I know the frustration of having to repair these things. Mine just blew the bearings in the sanding drum. I plan to either get a used 36 model or buy a new 25 model and would prefer to find a decent used 36.

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    If it is just slipping and not worn out, do as Dave said and kiss it with the sanding drum.

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    I talked to Grizzly about my G9983 wide belt sander, and since they moved to a new model, they are no longer supporting the G9983 with parts. They can help you a bit, but not all parts. Disappointing.

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    I guess it depends on how and how much it is worn, but usually I'd think slipping could be addressed by cleaning/dressing the belt. If not getting a belt made ought to be possible. Grizzly tech support might be able to provide exact tech specs for a new one if you want to get one made. If they don't I'd lean on them until they do. They ought to be able to do at least that much.

    Not sure how well it would work on that class of machine, but abrasive belts work great as conveyers on drum sanders. Klingspor or someone like that might be willing to provide one possibly even if it isn't a standard item. It might at least be worth asking.

    Also i wonder if there is a product that it could be dressed with to make it less slippery. I seem to recall a product that was sold for racquet sports to get more spin on the ball. It was used to treat the racquet. I remember the backpacking community using it to treat their slippery sleeping pads to keep from slipping off. As I recall it was just a little friction but maybe not sticky enough to collect sawdust. I don't remember what it was called. Maybe Topspin or something like that? That may not be the right thing, but maybe there is something that would treat the belt to give it a bit of grip.

    Just occurred to me... Technical rock climbers treat their shoes to get or maintain a high friction surface, you might google what they do. There are some specific products ( and some general practices (sanding, wire brushing, cleaning with alcohol, etc).

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