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Thread: KEI Dust Collectors

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    KEI Dust Collectors

    There is a KEI 2120-1 for sale near me and I've never heard of these before. Are they any good?
    Looking for something to use with my cnc which currently has a 3.5hp router on it.


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    Honestly, I've never heard of them. Based on a Google search, they look like a generic single stage DC and would work fine for your application. You'll probably want to put better filtration on it, such as a replacement setup from someone like American Fabric Filter which will increase efficiency and filter fines better. You don't need a substantial DC for your CNC but you do need to use a 4" hood with a DC like that for best results. If you only have a hood with a ~2-2.5" connection it's not going to perform well because of low static pressure and lack of air flow. I put a Kent dust shoe on my Camaster for that reason.

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