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Thread: Traditional lapstrake boatbuilding and copper nails/roves

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    Traditional lapstrake boatbuilding and copper nails/roves


    I'm building a little 8' dinghy using cedar strakes and oak frames. We're locked down and I can't go out to look at boats. Having some sort of brain fart I can't remember if these boats leave the copper nailheads standing proud on the strakes, or are they counterbored and bunged? The strakes are going to be about 1/4" thick so there's little room for counterboring. Oh, and the exterior will be painted, the interior finished bright.


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    A quick google image search shows both proud and bunged nails/rivets to me. I would be disinclined to try to counterbore and bung in 1/4 inch stock myself. An eight footer is unlikely to be a speed demon, so any added drag is unlikely to measurable outside a laboratory. I didn't narrow my search to the Chesapeake Bay, there may be a local to you custom outside my awareness.

    Best wishes.

  3. Building model boat kits is my hobby, Can you share a few pics here @Jack Ganssle

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