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Thread: Making a Wahoo Board

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    Making a Wahoo Board

    I've made a bunch of these Wahoo boards (also called Aggravation) and each time I expected it was the last time I'd make them. But I keep getting asked to make more. So I decided to do one and record the steps that go into making one. You can see the tutorial here.

    Since I was doing this just to do the tutorial, I used cheap lumber - construction grade. I've made them from much nicer wood, including ambrosia maple, cherry, walnut, even pine.

    Anyway, take a look at the process. It's more involved than you would think. I'll add a picture of one of the boards in figured cherry so you can see how they look in a nicer wood.


    WahooBoard-056.jpg GameBoards20.jpg
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    Oh how I remember that game. Nicely done Mike. Very time consuming. I wonder how many guys will chime in about using a CNC to do the dimples. Not quite as satisfying that way though. Again, nice job.

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    Nice looking boards. Making games is fun. I made this two sided game board using 1/4" oak veneer plywood spaced apart to make a built in marble storage. I used a drill press and countersink bit for the marble divots.IMG_4711.jpgIMG_4709.jpg
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