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Thread: Split top Roubo bench build

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    My workbench is about 24 inches wide, because that's what's practical in my space. Mostly, it works fine but there are a fair number of times where several more inches really would be an advantage, most commonly when using the bench as a work surface to clamp up something like a door assembly or multi-board glue-up. Not infrequently these are right around two feet in width and longer in length, and so exceed the capacity of the bench after taking account of the extra couple inches needed each side to support the clamps. ...My ideal would be to skip the bench and do these operations on a big dedicated assembly table instead, but that's not an option for now.
    David, do you have the option to use a wider "temporary" top - something wider that isnt permanently attached so it isnt always cramping your space? Maybe some sheetgoods cut down to 26-28" that you can take on/off at will? Just an idea anyway.

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    A removable work surface that's large wouldn't be that hard to accomplish including having some pieces of thin stock to "index" it to the bench so it can't slide sideways while clamping up a project.

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    Thanks Frank, the swing out stool hardware is Benchcrafted, itís great!

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Necaise View Post
    Mark very nice workbench be sure to post the first wood project you use it to create. The swing out stool seat is a great idea. Where did you get the hardware for it? I want to put one on my bench.

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    yea Derek, love your bench

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Olexa View Post
    Derek, love your bench.....

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