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Thread: What is a good dado blade for a Sawstop tablesaw?

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    Ridge Carbide is what we use. I also have a Freud super dado but its not recommended with saw stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy D Jones View Post
    It's worse than that (in a way). The SS arbor is not strong enough to withstand the resulting forces when the break stops that much inertia. The blade tips come to a stop alright, but that just transfers the inertia into to a radial force on the arbor, which bends under the stress.
    Sounds interesting. I've only noticed Saw Stop mention the cartridge. One example: "Do not use dado sets with solid-plate interior chippers or blades with molding heads, as neither brake cartridge is designed to stop those blade types."

    What is your source for this info please?

    Obviously if there is a warning about this I want to make sure my dado set(s) comply.
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    I use a Ridge Carbide, happy with it, although I have not used the Forest to compare.

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