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Thread: Grizzly DC remote

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    Grizzly DC remote

    I have a Grizzly G0548ZP dust collector that I want to run on a remote switch. It’s not plumbed yet, so switched gates aren’t an option at this time.

    I ordered a 220v Long Ranger III to control it with but it doesn’t work. It says it won’t work with magnetic switches, and I confirmed this Grizzly does not use a magnetic switch.
    I checked the output of the remote switch with an inductive tester and it shows hot both sides all the time, whether I hit on or off, but it won’t power up the DC. Any suggestions?

    I had a 110v IVac switch for my shop vac and it went bad after 6 months. These things don’t seem to like me.

    Reviews seem to be mixed on most of the brands I’ve found.
    Does anyone know of a quality USA made 220v remote switch?
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    So just to start with basics, it's not clear to me you've isolated what the problem is. Have you confirmed that you plug the DC into a 220V outlet and it comes on, but if you plug it into the LR it doesn't come on? If so, then I would agree there's something wrong with the LR.

    Unfortunately I can't help you with the quality USA 220v remote switch. I went the opposite direction, got a super-cheap imported universal DPDT remote switch, put it in a electrical box and use that.


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    Have you considered using the existing switch in an electrical box on the end of length cable? Not 220V but I use that method for both my shop vac and 1 HP 110V dust collector. I have magnets on the back of the box so I can stick it on any metal surface and control the DC or SV from 10 ft away.

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    Bruce yes, the DC works when plugged directly into the receptacle, thanks.

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    That unit does not have a mag-switch so you are good there. My dad runs a 220v long ranger. The long ranger plugs into the wall, the DC plugs into the long ranger with the DC's switch ion the ON position. If it continues to fail you could reset the code. The switch and the remote(s) are supposed to be matched at the factory but, things happen. I would go through the code programming process as shown in the manual. After that I would call PSI.
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  6. Could you just leave the dust collector in the on position and run a wire from the cord of the d/c to a 220v standard switch mounted next to your table saw or what ever tool you want it next to?

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    That's really weird. Do you have another 220V device you could test out the Long Ranger with?

    I just got done setting up my DC system with a modified Harbor Freight DC, and really like the 110V version of the Long Ranger I'm using.

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    I ended up returning the remote, will have the new one soon. I didnít try any other devices on it, but Iím hoping the replacement does the trick.
    Thanks for all the help.

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    Here is a thread discussion on what I ended up doing with a 30y old Grizzly 220v dust collector and remote switching. Cheaper than the Long Ranger brand or Grizzly brand remotes.


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