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Thread: Cedar finish

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    Cedar finish

    Iím looking for suggestions for a good finish to use on outdoor cedar furniture. A finish that has color options would be a plus as would being as durable as possible. TIA

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    Hereís some information that may help. I havenít used any of these finishes but several months ago I made some new redwood slats for my rv gate and just brushed on boiled linseed oil. They look like they are new and it will be easy to brush more on when needed.

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    Thanks, I was thinking about this, too.

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    Stain; transparent, semi-transparent or opaque, depending on the look you want. Any kind of clear film finish is going to make your life difficult because you'll have to replace it with frequency over time. You could also go with a penetrating finish like Sikkens or similar if you want "natural", but know that it's still going to turn grey over time.

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    Finishing cedar outside is a problem, any application will not stop the cedar getting wet but it will slow the drying. Using the right cedar, like white cedar will extend the life. My white cedar Adirondack chairs have been outside for 20 years and power washed every spring. They are just coming to the end of their useful life. Western red cedar is softer and would not last that long. If a finish had been applied that would have shortened their life also.
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    Penetrating stain is all I ever use on cedar. Okay Iíve painted some, but only because they made me do it. You will have to maintain any wood that lives outside if you want it to stay fresh looking. Frequently depends on exposure.

    For best results youíll want a stain with high solids content. There are several high quality brands. I use a brand called Armstrong Clark and stick to their semi-transparent mix. Good UV protection and forgiving application. There are a few tints available.

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    Doesnít BLO turn black in UV light? Or at least get significantly darker with exposure. Might not be undesirable, however.

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