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Thread: track saw blade

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    Hi Dave,
    Hadn't considered the tooth count with regard to stock type. I use it for hobby solid stock projects and use the TS to cut sheet stock.
    The Milwaukee fit the arbor but I will likely get a more appropriately "toothed" blade for the next slab project. Thanks for the insight. JCB

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    this subject came up on the festool forum and also contractors forum .Tenryu seemed to get the highest marks . i found it to be better blades then festool put out .
    depends on what you use the saw for .i have noticed with my festool saws blade quality is more about speed of cut or how long they last then blade cut .with tracksaws you tend to get great cuts with most any decent blade .buying a lot of blades over the years i have purchased a few over priced poor cutting frued blades .not to say all there blades are this way . i still buy that brand .i just do not rate the brand as a top contendor .

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    The Milwaukee fit the arbor but I will likely get a more appropriately "toothed" blade for the next slab project
    Can you confirm that the DeWalt has a 20mm arbor or 5/8" ?

    What's the hole size on the milwaukee blade you're speaking of ? I wasn't aware they made 20mm sized holes.

    When ripping solid timber; a blade with a low tooth count is essential.
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    Jared - if you have flutter with both blades , then you need to check your saw ! It is either misaligned with the track or the bearings are shot. That freud performs flawlessly on my ts55.[/QUOTE]

    One thing Iíve noticed with the Dewalt saw and track is that other blades, specifically Festool, tend to chew up the anti-splinter strip. Iíve replaced the strips a couple of times and, though I donít recall, probably used a Dewalt 48T blade to make the initial cut. Each time, as blades are switched out, the strip edge gets knicked just enough to start chipping away at the edge.

    My best guess is itís the angle or set of the teeth on the other blades. Since I havenít tried cutting a newly installed strip with a Festool blade, I canít be sure of the cause. One thing is for sure, the strips are a pain to replace.

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    Iíve used Forrest and ridge Carbide. Both are excellent.

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    I've never purchased a Forrest or Ridge Carbide blade. I had Ridge resharpen a Freud table saw blade once and it came back better than new. I consider both Forrest and Ridge a bit pricey but if they fit your budget I suspect both are very nice blades. But I am another Freud guy for blades. I bought a Freud 160mm rip after the 48 tooth DeWalt struggled in a deep rip in hardwood. It works fine. For most of what I do, I think the DeWalt works well. I play around with other blades but I could save some money by just sticking with Freud. Or for the DeWalt track saw, a DeWalt blade.

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