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Thread: Garage Shop Question

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    Garage Shop Question

    I want to use my garage for woodworking, but I still have open storage shelving around the perimeter. I have seen where some people use 6 or 7 mil overlapping sheets of plastic to make a semi-permanent sawdust barrier wall. Has anyone tried this and do you recommend it?

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    I've seen photos of such and it should be reasonably effective to avoid (most) dust accumulation on the shelving at least on a temporary basis. Just make the hanging strips narrow enough so that you can access the shelving without killing yourself or needing three hands to do it.
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    I’d sooner invest in clear Rubbermaid style totes with lids. I think the rolls will work less than you hope and will be generally frustrating
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    Sounds like a cabinet project is in the future

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    I’d do the plastic sheet walls. Covered Rubbermaid’s will still get covered in dust as well as the shelving itself.

    Also as part of your shop, try to reduce airborne dust and get some good dust collection.

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    I’ve done something similar with lighter vapour barrier plastic sheets and found it unsatisfying. I switched to solid doors and found that both more convenient and more effective. Even better, I installed a simple dust collection system last fall and now have a much cleaner shop overall.

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    It is a constant battle. Using dust control, rubbermaid type tubs, and so on i still open the roll up door and blow out the shop with the battery leaf blower pretty frequently. That blows the stuff off the tubs.

    Most of the stuff on my shelves is shop related. I have never tried the plastic sheeting barrier approach. I considered it but figured dust would still get behind it and it was already awkward enough to get to stuff on the shelves that were mostly behind machines and benches. If you try it let us know how it worked out after living with it for six months or a year. I'd be curious to know.

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