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Thread: Changing cutter inserts on jointer difficulty.

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    My 25” Oliver has about a bazillion inserts on the heads, and it takes several hours to remove, clean, and reinstall them all.

    What I’ve learned is 1 - an impact type of tool - either air or cordless - does a great job of breaking the screws loose w/o shearing them off. I have some air impacts that were supplied with a former machine and they work well.

    Hand tools, such as used with a long handled ratchet or cheater bar, can and will shear the screw heads off. Been there - done that.

    If you have a screw that won’t break loose by the cordless impact, then try using an old fashioned impact driver that you hit with a hammer. Works like a champ to loosen a stuck screw and usually won’t shear the heads.

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    Anyone ever put a tiny dab of anti-seize on the threads of their torx screws? Not enough to sling out under operation but just enough to lube the threads so you don't need an impact to crack them loose.

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    Eric, The angle on the flathead screw is such a fine fit that it locks onto the mating angle on the insert. The threads are not the cause of the stuck screw.
    Usually it is caused by overtightening of the flathead screw.
    Using a drill the same size as the thread diameter of the bolt thread will easilly remove the head of bolt with no damage, and the insert will come right off. if you strip the head of the screw.
    The drill will follow the center of the bolt because the broached torx tool shape is on center of the screw.

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    What is the proper torque for the screws? Was thinking I was told 20 inch pounds.

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    Erik it may be you are not supposed to put anti seize on stuff as it changes torque values. Maybe irrelevant in this case just blurting it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Andrew View Post
    What is the proper torque for the screws? Was thinking I was told 20 inch pounds.
    45 inch-lbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Lanciani View Post
    45 inch-lbs.
    Hermance calls for 65 inch pounds.

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