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Thread: Sharpening Plane Irons and Chisels, Sandpaper?

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    When a plane iron or a chisel comes into the shop, with an edge looking like this ~ ( have seen a few, too) or so badly out of square to the edge that they would pass for a skew chisel...THEN the grinder will get used. Then the 6" disc on the side of my belt/disc sander with a 180 grit pad, and a big glass of water....until a nice, square to the sides edge appears will a single bevel, and a flat back.....Then the 2 oil stones, then a few W-or-Dry papers up to 2.5 K grit....then a plain leather strop. And that is it. I also lay those papers right down on the last oil stone used, with a dab of oil between them ( keeps the paper from moving around too much)

    Expensive sandpaper? I usually buy an assortment pack, at about $6....3 times a year..if that. I do not overthink this process..I have work needs to be done....and not charging the Windmills of the Perfect Edge Clan.....
    Yep, it's easy to get carried away, not just in this but all hobbies. People who do this for a living take a no nonsense approach.

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    Used the Double Time lapping stone today for the first time. Works fine, not too expensive. Pretty good for waterstones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Middleton View Post
    I have a CBN wheel coming for my half speed Delta grinder, and am setting up the Wolverine tool rest. I want to use a granite tile and wet dry sandpaper to flatten my waterstones and hone my tools. I also bought one of the cheap Wood River honing guides which doesn't look too bad. What brand/type of sandpaper works best?

    Plenty more videos on sandpaper sharpening which by the way has been around as long as have abrasive papers.

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