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Thread: How I fixed all my access problems.

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    How I fixed all my access problems.

    I have a fully paid regular account on SMC and have had bizarre intermittent problems with viewing .jpgs, editing my grammar problems, and writing/viewing PMs. The most annoying part was the intermittent character of it. Today I switched from Firefox to the DuckDuckgo browser and suddenly everything works consistently. Probably somewhere in Firefox there is some privacy blocker that disabling add-ons and changing settings didn't fix.

    Anyway, hopefully sometime in the future someone searching on unable to edit, trouble viewing pictures, .jpg, can't see PM will find this post and ease their misery.

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    Glad you got squared away, but for the record, I use FF exclusively to access SMC and have had no issues, and I have the privacy settings locked down as tight as I can. But there are zillions of combinations of settings and obviously something was causing your problems.
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    It's good that you have a fix. I also use Fire Fox 74.0.1 (64-bit) and have no issues viewing posts or photos. Since SMC doesn't do tracking I have disabled the Enhanced Tracking Protection for the site.
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