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Thread: Powermatic 209 Purchase Help

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    Powermatic 209 Purchase Help

    Hello All,

    I have not posted much in the past, but do read a lot on here. I have a question for the community. I am looking at a Powermatic 209 Planer in good condition for $1,200. I have been holding out for a helical planer to show up in my local classifieds, but nothing yet. I noticed I can get a Shelix cutterhead for this planer, for around $1,100. Would this planer be worth purchasing, and also purchasing and installing a shelix cutterhead for a total of $2300 or should I keep looking? I have seen mixed reviews for the 209. Thanks!!

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    I bought a used Powermatic 209HH used for $2500 about 2 months ago. I like it so far. I do have to replace a few things due to wear but I expected that since it is used. I thought it would take a while to find anything used but I lucked out.

    I was considering a Grizzly 1033 with the helical head. Right now Grizzly has a 10% sale so you can get that planer for $2650.

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    Thanks Rich! Appreciate your response.

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    Keep looking.
    Here's an Amazon review.

    1.0 out of 5 stars Dust Collection Poor Design Leaves Chip Dents
    Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2019Style: Planer
    This planer has a hood that requires the spray of chips to bounce off the top, then travel horizontally to a 4" port. The chips end up whirling around the cutterhead, denting the wood surface. This planer is connected to a dust collector with an 11" inlet, with 10", then 8", pipe to the planer.

    I fixed this by getting rid of the rollers on the top (Who stacks wood on a planer? Get a cart!), and installing a larger hood at a 30 degree angle. The hood has a 6" diameter hole, a short hose, and 8" pipe to the ceiling. It works well now.

    I should add that I have extensively used (2) powermatic 72 saws, a Powermatic 20" planer, (2) Powermatic 66 saws, (2) Powermatic 26 shapers, (1) Powermatic 27 shaper, and a Powermatic 2A tenoner. This planer is a dog. Before you buy one, get it hooked up to a dust collector, and run some lumber.

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