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Thread: Anybody watch " The Pianist? "

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    Iíll have a look, Doug. Thank you! Just finished 1917, incredibly shot.
    I thought that movie was amazing. I went to an early test screening of it last year. Did they still have the extended sequence with the small child? The way it was presented then, the movie almost died for a while. I loved it, my wife hated it.

    The cinematography was quite extraordinary, (Roger Deakins also does the Coen Brothers' films, BTW.)

    Another film to watch, in the same vein, was "They Shall Not Grow Old", out last year, a magnificent reconstruction of actual film footage from the time, _with_sound_ (they must have been up half the year lip-syncing it.)

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    I enjoyed it, they depicted the scenes very well. One reviewer describes it as a Dante style epic and I think that hits the nail on the head.

    I liked that they detailed things like how well the German trenches were built and how thoroughly demolished that town was.

    The story was not super interesting but I thought that was to provoke thought on the pointlessness of WWI.
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