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Thread: Festool Track Saw - What am I missing?

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    Festool Track Saw - What am I missing?

    I have been researchin track saws lately and was getting ready to but the Festool TS 75 (mainly for the extra dpth capacity - I want to straight line rip rough 8/4) - and I had settled that the best price was $660 (no track). However as I was searcinh agian I found the folloing Amazon listing has it for $500! I jumped on it and bought it in case it was a fluke or flash sale- but while I still have time to cancel my order I ask for your assistance in determining what, if anything- am I missing? Seems too good to be true...

    BTW I dont care if it is 'last years model' - but I cannot seem to locate any info if the model has in fact recently been upgraded'. Any insight?

    PS- Why did the model name chage from TS 75 EBQ to TS 75 EQ-F-Plus? Are the the same? Thanks!

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    That link shows $820 now.

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    that's a great price if you actually get it.

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    Scrolling down the link, I see the used option for $500. Festool is rarely on sale so hopefully you got lucky

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    If itís the same listing I saw, it looks to be bogus. It says contact before purchase, and there are several other Festool products with the same $500 price tag and contact info listed.

    Like this for example
    Festool DF 700 Domino XL Set + CT 26 Dust Extractor Package

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    Those type of listing, with the contact before, tends to be scam. They are found all the time in photography gears.

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    As an aside, why no track? I guess you already have some Festool tracks?

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    These $500 examples on Amazon are all listed as "used" items. Even the track saw, now at $820, can be found in the used listings for $500.

    May still be a good buy, I guess it all depends on the condition. I've bought used items from Amazon before with no issues.

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