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Thread: bedroom bench help

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    bedroom bench help

    Hi all... Need some help... seen this picture somewhere and thought it was really neat looking.... Has anyone seen plans for such a beast or know sizes??? I have the general idea just sizes.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!FB_IMG_1563989273338.jpgFB_IMG_1563989284380.jpg

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    A nice thing about this design and this use is that there are no standard sizes. You build it to fit the space. You can make it as wide as the bed, or you can make it narrower. You can make make it the same height as a dining chair, so you can sit on it to tie your shoelaces. Or you can make it taller, so it is a place to throw the bedspread when you get in the bed.

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    If you can locate the overall dimensions (L X W X H) of the stool at the original site, it is pretty easy to scale the other dimensions off the photo to come up with needed dimensions.
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    Mike the quilt squares are probably a foot square so that gives a good size indication. Itís more likely you want a plan for the construction joints which are far from visible. My guess would be wedged through tenons, two wedges, one for near each edge of each tenon.
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