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Thread: Grizzly and the pandemic......

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    Grizzly and the pandemic......

    I received an email this morning from Grizzly where they announced they are donating their entire inventory of nitrile gloves and their incoming orders of masks to the medical community in an effort to help fight the current pandemic.

    Kudos Grizzly!

    Thanks Shiraz!

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    Nice work Griz!

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    I found a box of unopened N95 masks on a top shelf in the shop and offered it to my aunt who is a nurse. She was ecstatic to get it. She says they can't get masks at all. Her and her daughter are sewing them up so that she can go into the hospital do to her job.

    If anyone has any supplies like this, definitely offer them to those in greater need than us. That need is greater than you can imagine.

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