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Thread: Self powered sanders

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    Self powered sanders

    I have bought and destroyed several kinetic sanders. Bearings squealed,fell out, or the handle fell off. I got tired of this and our I bought one from the sanding glove. This thing is a work of art, plus even in our group of disabled vets; it should last a very long time. I am not compensated for pushing this sander! I just found one that won't fall apart and has a great system of handles and extensions. I also tried the dry ice sanding pads and found them to be better than any of the green cheaper ones. It's expensive yes; but worth every penny. I love this thing!

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    Made my own last year but seldom use it. It certainly doesn't have the 'fit and finish' this one appears to have!

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    I think this equates nicely to wood turning as well . . . . .

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