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Thread: Fine Dust on Bag after Cyclone/Filter/Drum Installation on Harbor Freight Dust C

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    Fine Dust on Bag after Cyclone/Filter/Drum Installation on Harbor Freight Dust C

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I'm new here, I've reading this forum since last week, so forgive me if this question has been answered before.

    I'm new on this of woodworking but I only do some work over the weekend at my garage due a full time work over the week.

    I got the Harbor Freight Dust Collector and installed 4" PVC Ducts (now I know is not the best, so 5" upgrade will be soon) for my tools, at first I was using the bag and was working fine. over the last weekend I installed the Wynn Filter and also the Oneida Cyclone with a Drum but after that installation with a new bag the came with the Filter I can see some dust is still going to the bag, so my question is, that is normal or is not suppose to be any dust at the bag at all?

    I checked the drum and 99% is all there...

    I read somewhere that when using a cyclone it required more suction power and I was thinking that because my consumer table saw with 2.5 port is not letting enough air coming thru and maybe is the reason some dust (more fine one) maybe cannot down completely and is being sucked up, just thinking..

    For example before install the filter/cyclone/drum I was able to see that if I open only the table saw port (2.5" i was able to see less air in the bag, but if I opened another with 4" that air was a lot more.

    My tools are standard consumer with 2.5 ports and my miter saw that is 1.5" (worse)

    Thanks everyone for your answers, I really appreciate.


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    I believe you are referring to the bag that usually hangs below the filter. This is to catch spoil that makes it as far as the filter, cakes onto the filter media, becomes heavy and drops off. Depending on your system the amount will vary. On my Grizzly G0440 2HP system I get a shot glass or so every few months of use in that post-filer bag.
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    Yes, that is the bag in referring, the one below the filter...

    I can see with 2 days of light use I can see there is some fine dust there.

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    Generally , you have a DC meant for 4" or larger port's , which isn't going to work well with 2.5" and smaller port's . The small stuff is best served by a dust extractor / shop vac -ideally w/ a Dust Deputy cyclone . Also keep in mind the HF unit is limited in it's actual CFM . You might think about modifying some ports on your tool's to better blend with use with a DC . Lot's of guy's close up under the jobsite or contractor saw and connect with a 4" x 4" x 2.5" WYE fitting , run to the DC . It's a rabbit hole for sure .

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