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Thread: Graphics Software Companies - Corel Plug-Ins

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    Graphics Software Companies - Corel Plug-Ins

    Hey Guys,

    I went to (one day before it closed) the NBM trade show last week and went to a couple Corel courses put on by Action Illustrated and Digital Art Solutions. Have any of you guys purchased this type of software? Is it worth the investment or a waste of money? I liked the idea of of the templates but don't know if I will use enough of the graphics to make it worth it. The guy from Action Illustrated is offering a pretty good deal for the whole package but I have seen some questionable reviews online.

    Thanks for any insight you have!

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    Guys are pretty hard sellers. I looked at this a few years ago at a show and decided I didn't have the need.
    And I would guess 95% of folks won't. But you can if you think you will recoup the cost. All depends on your business.
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    They talked a member of our company into a few years back
    We have looked at it, and all it has done is collect dust.
    Not that it is bad, just never really have what we needed.
    Most of the art is very generic, and Corel art and doing our own art covers it better for us.
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    Thanks Guys. I kind of figured that would be the general response. I liked the idea but in practice I probably wonít use it as much as I am thinking. Just didnít want to lose out if it was as amazing as they keep claiming it is.

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