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Thread: Planing farm black paint fence boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom M King View Post
    Sell them to someone wanting fencing boards, and buy plain lumber. If you were anywhere near me, I might be interested in them for horse fencing.
    This is an excellent suggestion from Tom (as always).

    Personally, there is no way that I'd consider running those boards thru my equipment. Some of the older ones might even be treated with creosote.

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    We hit lumber like that with a hand held brush sander before planing. It gets off most off the dirt and grime. Be sure to check every inch for metal.

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    Seems like it might be most valuable as fence boards again like Tom said. Unless it's something special and there is nothing else you could be doing then go for it. It just seems like a lot of time invested for meager gains. What's that old saying? Polish a t*** and polish a t*** and what do you have.....a t***.

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