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Thread: 24" bandsaw options

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    Rod -

    That's super helpful. For some reason I searched incorrectly on Grizzly earlier and missed everying >19".

    The price on the 24" is really great. The 20" feels too close in size to my 16". I'll have to compare with the MM and Felder.

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    I can confirm that the SCM/Minimax 4.8v motor requires a 30 amp circuit unless they have changed motors, too.

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    I have a 26" Moak, direct drive with a huge 3HP Lima motor. I think that the old industrial iron like this can hold its own with any of the newer, and so it is worth looking. But I agree that finding one is a bit of luck. This one fell into my lap wrt the right time and place, cost me $1/lb. (It weighs 1100)

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    First off, I agree with Jim that all these 24" saws are serious business and that you should keep your smaller saw if possible. As far as which to choose there are a couple ways to look at this that might help you narrow down your choices.

    1. Do you need 20"+ of resaw or will you be satisfied with 16 or so? If you need the taller resaw your decision has been made for you and you should get the Minimax.

    2. Are you in a hurry to have the saw on hand? If not, and you are in the mood for a little adventure it can be fun to hunt down and drag home a used saw.

    I was in this position last year and after a couple months of searching found a great used saw. It was 3 phase and needed a vfd, but as others have said, that is not prohibitively difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom M King View Post
    Absolutely keep the smaller saw.

    Yes, this. Too many people, myself included, have spent more than they had to when replacing the smaller saw upon realizing they should have kept it.
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