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Thread: Uv Printing on wood - Tons of Odor ??

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    Uv Printing on wood - Tons of Odor ??

    Hey Guys,

    Wanted to check her to see if anyone had one of these in there shop. We are currently printing with a Roland LEF 300 on Plywood and Painted MDF. The problem we are running into is the smell of the finished Products. We have received several customers complains & the odor is giving us a head ache. Anyone have this issue & found a solution or work around ?? We are printing wood & Other textures on unfinished panels.

    Printer : Roland LEF 300
    Ink : UV4 Eco (Roland)

    Any Suggestions or Tips ?
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    Do they still give off an odor a week after printing? A month? I've been around these printers off and on since Direct Color got into them, and the fumes can be pretty strong at times, but I never noticed them lingering for much more than a few days. I wonder if a coat of something after printing would help contain them?

    Do you have a similar experience on other materials?

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    I would check on the Roland Forum. It used to be very active. Hopefully it still is
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