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Thread: those less fortunate

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    those less fortunate

    I was surprised to learn that our local food pantry was empty after only several weeks of this current virus situation. And while I'm not going out to do any shopping if I can avoid it, a call to the pantry resulted in the pastor who runs it coming to my house and picking up some cash so he could continue feeding folks in my community. If you are on this forum, and do woodworking, you aren't destitute. Please consider putting off that next 50 dollar router bit, or those 2 Bessey clamps and making a donation to someone who is willing and able to continue working to feed hungry folks in your community.

    Whether you are a bleeding heart, socialist liberal or a hard line, by-their-bootstraps conservative has no bearing on the fact that there are hungry people in your community. And there shouldn't be. A long time ago I was homeless and living on the street. The people who selflessly worker their asses off to keep me alive are saints, and deserve our support.

    Now, back to your regularly schedule sawdust broadcast................
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    Thank you for that reminder Bill. That prompted to make a online donation to ours.
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    Hat tip to you both!

    I believe in my heart this crisis will end up resetting our priorities as a country.

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    Well-said, Bill. We all should do what we can. Jenny and I made cash donations to several local charities (she got a thank-you voicemail yesterday from one of the folks at Austin Pets Alive, which is where we got some of our dogs and cats from; you could hear the lady choking up, because they were in such dire straits due to outlying shelters being closed). We both made appointments to donate blood on Monday. Apparently, the local blood bank in urgent need since they have had to cancel their mobile blood drives. We also dropped a bag of groceries off at the apartment of a friends' mom, who is elderly and at-risk. We should all do what we can.

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    Well said Bill! Thanks for the reminder.
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    Thanks for the reminder Bill.

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