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Thread: HEPA Filter vs virus

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    HEPA Filter vs virus

    I have a battery powered HEPA filter dust hood. Does that filter out corona? Not worried just would like to know. I wil lcharge the batteries this weekend.
    Bill D

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    Viruses are much smaller than even the smallest dust particles we worry about, so no, that's not going to help you much at all. Masks are only indicated for folks who actually have the virus, too.

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    The Covid 18 virus is .1 micron & HEPA filters catch 99.97% down to just .3 micron.

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    Viruses don't just free float. They are attached to drops of mucus and such. So yeah, your dust hood will be effective.
    That's why being 6' apart is reasonably safe; the carriers are heavy enough to drop out over that distance.

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    Only this works!

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    Yes, it will probably be effective against the droplets that convey the virus from person to person, however this is not a DIY kind of thing. If you're in a high risk situation, eg caring for a child, partner, or parent who is infected please get advice from your doctor and/or town/county health officials, don't just wing it. They can probably help you with better personal protective equipment and, more importantly, training to use it correctly. If you just want to wear it to the grocery store it probably won't cause any harm as long as you wash your hands and don't touch your face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roger wiegand View Post
    If you just want to wear it to the grocery store it probably won't cause any harm...
    You mean besides everyone in the store freaking out?!?
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    If this a real HEPA filter - it will help with Covid-19. I am in high risk group by my professional occupation and we are using HEPA filters for our protection and protection of our equipments ( ventilators).

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