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Thread: Mirror gold acrylic award

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    Mirror gold acrylic award

    I'm trying to make an award in mirror acrylic gold, but it needs to be visible on both sides.
    Any idea about the best way to stick them together back to back?
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    Assuming 2 pieces of mirror, front and rear, you need a 3rd thin piece to sandwich between the mirrors. It can be posterboard, plex, ABS, styrene, anything fairly thin. Figure out what color you want behind the engraving, cut it to size, tape the perimeter of the 2 mirrors, and some in the middle where there's no engraving for good measure, and make the sandwich...
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    I did some mirrored table numbers, reverse engraved, sprayed desired color on reverse so numbers were visible on front in that color (red, with silver mirror), applied silicone bead about half an inch from edges on reverse of one of each pair, pressed matching pairs together back-to-back, and left to cure overnight. A 5 minute epoxy should work also. Alternatively, if you have it, a wide strip of the high-strength double sided tape commonly used to mount tags and plates on plaques could be cut and applied, or applied and cut, on the reverse of one part and then mated to the other.

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    Go to a sign shop and ask them for a piece of gold sign vinyl.
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