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Thread: Plate Order Packaging

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    Plate Order Packaging

    What do some of you use to pack up metal plates that have been run for a customer to pick up? I have a bunch of 1"X4" plates that I need to stack up or wrap up without them scratching each other.
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    My plaques come with a thin foam package which I save for such things. I cut a strip to size and roll them up then use a rubber band and a plastic bag.
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    throw a sheet of 8.5x11 in your laser and cut it up the same size as your plates....stack them face to face with paper in between. done deal.
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    One thing I did recently when I had to strap a package to a skid was to grab me a small roll of stretch film. (one package to a small skid)

    I ran by Walmart and bought a couple of small rolls.
    This stuff is 4" wide and about 100 Yards long, and was less than $2.

    I found it was really too thin for strapping anything heavy, it was light duty.

    BUT, I was wrapping up a batch of name badges the other day and a light went off. I grabbed the roll and quickly rolled up each in it's own layer of film. And It holds tight. No movement.
    I did a batch of VIN plates the other day with it and WoW, way quicker than foam or anything else. Just ROLL up and stretch tight. Drop in padded package. No tape residue, no nothing.

    And WAY cheap.
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    Poly bags. Sealer to separate the tags. It can be a little time consuming but it makes seeing and finding the tags easier than doing a major bulk wrap.
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    I have some part roles of news print that I cut to use between items. I got them from a small news paper that has end roles they just give them to me

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    Depends on the plates; Rowmark and such just get stacked and wrapped in the appropriate sized poly bag, as many as fits nicely.

    Fragile plates, trophy type metals, brass, etc require special care. A customer just 10 minutes ago just picked up 400 brass wall plates, 2x4's, 3x5's, 2x10's and 4x11's, every plate was bagged back-to-back with a second one in 2mil bags and scotch taped closed, simple. We used to wrap multiples in paper towels, or lacquered newspaper ads or tissue or TP between them and roll up, but it's just plain much faster to put them in 2 cent bags. They're better protected and every plate is visible--
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