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Thread: Another Workshop Project Done

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    Another Workshop Project Done

    I love my SuperMax Drum Sander, but it bugged me how much wasted space there was below on the rolling stand.

    So this weekend I fixed that, plus it rolls much easier on the 4" castors. Total project cost about $100.



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    I have this sander and need to build that cabinet. Nice job!

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    Just what I need, more shop ideas. Thanks a lot.

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    Nice job...sturdy and a much better use of space. Drawers are good...I learned that the hard way!

    Interestingly, when I bought a Performax 22-44 sander years ago, I built a similar cabinet, although mine didn't have drawers at the time. I subsequently sold the sander due to non-use but the cabinet lived on for various tasks, including use as a router table, grinder support and a few other things. About a year ago, I put it back into use as a sanding station with the heavy 6x48/12" combo sander up on top and my OCC on a retractable mechanism that pops up out of the cabinet when I need to use that tool. And in a what comes around goes around thing...I bought a SuperMax 19-38 sander last year when my needs changed once again. It's still on the open cabinet with casters. LOL The moral to the story here is that cabinets like you build can live on even if your needs change, but in the mean time, that's an excellent solution for your sander!

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