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Thread: Assembly table

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    Assembly table

    Finally got some time last weekend to finish up my assembly table, nothing special but I sure like how flat and solid it is.
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    That will be super-useful, and it looks great too! Any plans to fill it full of holes?
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    Great job!!!
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    That looks nice and sturdy...and yea, flat is good. Very good.

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    Looking good. I know you will enjoy using it.
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    I have the same- it sure was a great addition and I use it daily. You will love it.

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    Looks plenty special to me. I find great beauty in utility and efficiency. I'll take a well built, flat plywood work surface over some cupped hardwood lamination any day.

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    That looks sweet Jeff. Nice job on a great addition to the shop.
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    Very nice, Jeff.

    Any plans for T tracks, MFT holes, etc?

    I installed a T track array in mine and have found it extremely useful for assembling and other tasks.

    I'm going to make 1/2 of it into an MFT top I'm very interested in seeing how using parf dogs work in conjunction with a tracksaw.

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    Jeff, three thoughts:

    1) Well executed and extremely useful project Iím sure you enjoy for every time you use it.

    2) I know firsthand executing all the internal bracing for the torsion box table top itís a Percision job that requires focus and discipline - well done!

    3) Not really relevant to the thread, but your shop is immaculately clean! Do you do surgery part time in there?

    Thanks for sharing appreciate the focus on utilitarian projects.

    All the best, Mike

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