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Thread: Sharpening Mortise Chisels

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    My mortise chisels are the tools I feel most comfortable sharpening freehand. They are pretty forgiving. After all, you beat on them with a mallet. If the bevel is off by a degree or two it doesn’t matter. My paring chisel is a different story.
    Sharp solves all manner of problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Fretwell View Post
    Barr Quarton’s method for his chisels is to push at the correct angle by hand then gradually drop the chisel to put a rounded bevel on it. Chisels, plane blades etc are all push sharpened.
    That's the way I was taught. It's something like scooping ice cream. Works fine, with softer O1 steel I favor.

    It takes forever with modern sintered steel.

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