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Thread: finished projects

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    finished projects

    How do I post pics of finished projects?
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    Finished projects are best posted in the Woodworking Projects forum unless they are turning (folks generally put them in the turning forum). You have multiple ways to post photos here, but it's recommended you use the direct upload to the forum so that the photos stay with the thread "to eternity". Linking to external sources can lead to major content continuity issues like was felt a few years ago when PhotoBucket changed their policies and many forums suddenly lost a large number of photos in threads.

    To insert a photo directly into your text, click on the "Insert Image" icon at the top of the edit window, click on "chose file" in the pop-up window and then navigate to and select the photo you want to include in your thread at that point. When you are returned to the "insert Images" pop-up, click on the words "upload file" and your photo will be inserted in your text wherever you left the cursor. You can put up to 8 of these images in a single post. If you need more than that, do a post to get started and then just reply to your own post to start a new one with up to 8 more images. Rinse, repeat.

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