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Thread: Console Skiff build

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    Console Skiff build

    I got the plans, drew an expanded motor well in the plans and patterns for a 30 HP Suzuki remote, salvaged mahogany out of a Sea Knight frame kit to use for cleats. The cockpit is to small in the Sea Knight, the frames take up to much space, are weak and break at the chine if you lift the boat with a sling. Stitch and glue is much stronger never had a problem with my stitch and glue boat but seen plenty of broken frames in old Chris Crafts over the years. This will be my 3rd boat build and 1st V hull. I really enjoy the build process.


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    The Console Skiff and trailer cost estimate is coming in at $15,000 versus $9,000 for the dory I built in 2001. 3/4"x4'x8' Hydrotek Meranti marine grade plywood $152.59 a sheet and $83.84 for AB marine grade Douglas fir. BC (British Columbia Canada) softwoods have been hit hard by Trump tariffs here on the West Coast. I think I am going to set this project aside, enjoy being boat less this summer, rent a boat for $250 when I want to fish for salmon and steelhead on the Mokelumne.

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    I red-lined the Console Skiff plans for a bigger motor well to accommodate today's 4-strokes and steering tilt tube operating envelope then had to move 2 longitudinal beams on the plans that lap the motor well sides and I just wasn't happy with it. It was hard to get access hatches big enough for the sole to see in the bilge all the areas I thought I would want to see. I got a great lead from the Coastside Fishing Forum to buy Suzuki motors at wholesale prices right here at Porta-Bote in Mountain View California. I sent a check to them for a 6 HP and 12 foot folding polypropylene Porta-Bote. The motor arrived Friday, I am getting it filled with motor oil and lower unit gear oil then I will be putting it through its break-in in a big garbage can. Sandy-K Porta-Bote owner called yesterday and said my boat will ship mid April. They have been hit hard in Santa Clara county by the corona virus and we are on a shelter in place for 3 weeks in all San Francisco Bay area counties. Sandy said they have a lot of boat orders to prepare. With this new shelter in place order from our county health officers sounds like I am not suppose to leave the county to go to the river anyway. Maybe I don't want to go out there because they put all those plague ship people at Travis AFB which is a stones throw from where I go fishing in the Sacramento river. Here is a picture of the new motor and a video of what my Porta-Bote will be like when it arrives. Leland
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