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Thread: Thermal Protected Motor

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    Thermal Protected Motor

    How can I tell if motor is thermal protected? I'm looking for a table saw motor and see alot of Craftsman motors for sale on craigslist and ebay.
    Some plates say thermal protected and some do not , but say i.e. for 10" bench saw. Many of these are for flex-drive saws; I'm using for a belt drive saw ( Boice Crane).
    I'm buying from a distance.

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    Personally, I would steer clear of the "Craftsman" motors. They are Emerson motors made to Sear's specs, though Emerson does make some quality motors. Find a Century, Doer, Baldor, Leeson, Dayton, Marathon, etc instead. Almost all motors (except three phase) have built in thermal protection. Some have automatic reset, which you DON'T want on a table saw. Manual rest is much safer.

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    manual reset will have, normally red, button mounted on the wiring box or motor endbell opposite the pulley end. It is about 3/8' diameter. often labeled "push to reset" Only sticks out 1/4 Inch or so.
    Bil lD

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    Any motor with built in overload protection will normally state that on the nameplate....Regards, Rod.

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