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Thread: Filler for floor

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    Filler for floor

    I nicked my floor with a saw. There is about an inch gash the width of a circular saw blade kerf I want to fill in on some cork flooring (looks like wood). What do you recommend that'll remain in the hole? sawdust and wood glue or epoxy? I don't want to sand and ruin the surrounding flooring finish--any recommendations on application?

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    If you have any scraps of the flooring, a piece cut off and trimmed to fit will likely look better than filler. If you don't have scraps, you might be able to get a small piece from under the any molding around the edges....

    But if you want/need to use filler, take a look at woodepox. Very easy to use and ends up a light "woodish" color. Because it's epoxy based, it's quite strong when set.
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    I think wood glue or epoxy would be fine. I would mask around the gash with painters tape, apply the “fix” and level with a putty knife. Then remove the tape immediately.
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    If you had a spare piece of the cork, you could cut a strip the exact size of the void, mask off using painter's tape as described above, put in a few drops of epoxy, and lay the cork on top. Push it flush with the floor.

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    I assume the floor is wood can you square it off and glue another piece of wood in?
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