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Thread: Caution: Children at Play

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    Caution: Children at Play

    I am back in Atlanta for the weekend. This is the state of my bench. The planes were out for the grandchildren when I was last here. My current project is on the right side.


    I need to clean up.

    The current project is a set of tool holders for my tool board. I am trying to incorporate some traditional decorative element from classic furniture into each tool holder.

    The simple bead on the holder for the sliding squares was the first item.

    The fan carving is for holding the tape measure, marking knife, and pencils. I am using construction spruce for it. It is not a good carving wood. I have not carved much since I made neckerchief slides in Boy Scouts. I used to carve rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks for people I really liked. The Marples carving set is a birthday present from JWKMH from the early 1970's. It has not been used much. I still am more comfortable with a Case Stockman pocket knife. My sharpening technique for gouges and veining tools could use some sharpening. I am going to get out the sharpening gear and see if I can improve. Carving videos make very successful use of veining tools and I need to master sharpening it. Spruce is unforgiving about grain direction and sharpness. I may have to get some mahogany.


    I am planning a chisel holder in mahogany with a contrasting wood like basswood decorated with chip carving. I plan to copy an Amy Costello decorative design like on her cribbage boards.
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    Looking forward to seeing more of your tool holding set up.

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    It will be pretty fun. There is no point if not that.

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