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Thread: Plywood Stoarge

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    Plywood Stoarge

    I have a area above a office area that has a plywood floor. There is a enough area to store plywood horizontal.
    Would it be okay to store my good plywood on the plywood floor or should I build a 2x4 pallet to lay the plywood on ?

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    I'd lay down a sheet of hardboard or rigid foam so the bottom sheet doesn't get scratched up, but otherwise, go for it. Make sure the construction of the office area can bear the additional weight; plywood can get heavy fast. It may not have been designed to support heavy loads.
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    Thanks Paul
    The loft was build for storage. Its strong enough and easy to get to. Thanks again

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    One more thought...make sure the area in question is flat with no big humps or dips. No point in pre-warping your plywood. If it's uneven, then it's probably worth building a low flat platform.
    --Certainty is the refuge of a small mind--

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