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Thread: Metal Sign Question

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    Metal Sign Question

    Need some expert advice. Customer wants sign with rust/patina metal background with brushed silver text & logo.
    I can add the rust/patina finish to the steel and am hoping to use silver Dibond (ACM) for the text and logo.

    My question is what type of adhesive would adhere the ACM to the rust/patina surface?

    One option may be to pre-cut vinyl for the graphics, apply to metal, then patina, remove vinyl and adhere ACM with either VHB, 3M 300, or 3M 5200 to the bare metal??


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    Consider using something like Sculpt Nouveau ( to patinate the sign. I guess masking off would make the lettering easier if you're going to hand paint. Hopefully, others with more expertise can recommend a method around that. BTW, the sign substrate wouldn't need to be steel...but I suspect you know that.

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