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Thread: Glue squeeze-out on OSMO?

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    Glue squeeze-out on OSMO?

    I'm building a walnut credenza and am thinking about using epoxy to join the sides to the top/bottom. If I pre-finish the pieces with OSMO Polyx oil, would that make it easy to clean up glue squeeze-out?

    [The reason for using epoxy is for more open time and to avoid wood swelling from glues containing water; my plan is to use tapered sliding dovetails to give good strength and consistent grain orientation from a wood movement point of view - assembling these with PVA seems like it would be very tricky.]

    Any experience you have had with OSMO Polyx together with epoxy would be greatly appreciated!

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    No experience with your specific process, but I'd be using masking tape to deal with the majority of any glue-squeeze and keep it off the pre-finished panels as much as possible.

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