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Thread: Led Headlights

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    Drove into a cop car?
    Yeah, but the judge ruled them both at fault. Snowing, snowy roads, cop cars were parked half into the right lane on a slow right curve, they were helping someone who slid off the road- it was dark, and so were the cop cars, no lights at all were on. By the time the BF saw them, he couldn't stop and slid into one of them...

    And yes I bought aftermarket lights. I need to figure out why none of the adjustment rods (or long bolts) will move the lights sideways?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Koepke View Post
    Some of the ebay sellers have no idea how to pack an item or how rough of a ride their packages receive in transit.

    One of my heavy spokeshaves came in a paper envelope. It was fortunate it ended up in my mailbox since half of it was outside the envelope.

    My wife bought something once that was tossed in a box sealed with one piece of tape. All that arrived was the empty box.

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    I polished my lenses for now to see if that helps. Thanks for the responses.
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    Did you spray them with clear UV resistant coating, or add UV covers? Absolute worst cars for "foggy lenses," Dodge Neons, and the one with the "Peace Symbol" on the hood. Cheap, either way, as they didn't bother to buy UV resistant head lamp assemblies.
    You might try this suggestion from Bruce Wrenn. I didn't and mine fogged up again within a couple months.

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