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Thread: Delta dj-15 37-150 jointer wiring

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    Delta dj-15 37-150 jointer wiring

    Apologies if a similar question to this has already been asked and answered on the forums I have done my best to search through many threads and havenít found the answer Iím looking for as yet.

    I recently acquired a brand new still in sealed factory box Delta DJ 15 6 inch parallelogram Jointer... The motor nameplate is a Delta named motor and it simply states that it is a dual voltage single phase motor no amps etc., it appears that they forgot to wire a cord into the motor and then the motor to the switch from the factory before they boxed it up, so I am trying to track down a wiring schematic or diagram.

    I have googled the usually keywords, With no success and I even spent an hour and a half on the phone with Delta machinery in South Carolina and they werenít any help as they had no schematics no diagrams etc. which makes no sense. I was hoping I would find a schematic either on the switch or one of the inside covers or on the motor itself but no luck.

    Hoping somebody out there has a similar model 37 150 Jointer that could possibly send me a wiring schematic diagram, as I want to run this on my 220 circuits in my workshop

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    Use the opportunity to install a short cord on both the motor and switch box. Use a inline plug and receptacle so any motor work will be much easier in the future. It will also make installing the new wiring much easier.
    is this just a switch or is it a contactor + overloads? For 240 both hots must be switched. Never switch the ground wire. No neutral is needed for 240 volts unless you need 120 for control wiring. then you need a neutral or a small transformer.
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    Just a standard push button on/off switch..

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