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Thread: Wanted: Unisaw Blade Guard and Anti kickback

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    Wanted: Unisaw Blade Guard and Anti kickback

    For the newer modes of Unisaw, circa 2012. Thanks

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    I have a Jet blade guard and slitter not in use it could adapter to fit unisaw I could send pictures and measurements if you are interested located in southern Iowa

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    thanks for the thought. Most folks just take off the guards. I was hoping there might be a unisaw specific one gathering saw dust.

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    I threw mine away shortly after buying my Unisaw. I recently bought a Shark Guard splitter and blade guard. They also sell the hardware to mount their splitter to the Unisaw. Once set up, The spitter goes on and off in seconds. Reviews are great on the Shark Guard.


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    I heard nothing but glowing reviews on Shark Guard. But a lot of money. Like you I immediately removed my guard from the other saw I have. I was hoping to find someone like us, just before they tossed the original parts who might be willing to sell. Id like to to have an original complete saw. As Ive learned more about the saw I see I also need the pawl, throat insert, 5 to 4" reducer for dust port,

    Thanks again for the advise.

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