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    I searched, but not much luck.

    Anybody have a PantoRouter? Seen one in person? Used one?

    I have watched some videos, and it looks interesting to me. Pretty much created by Mathias Waddell.
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    Bought the pro pac in December. They offered a $200 discount for that package, so basically a free router motor. Haven't used it for a project yet. Assembly instructions are great. Individual fastener packs for different assemblies and a wonderful assembly guide. Parts were packed very well. Fit and finish are great, sleeve bearings on the pantograph linkage are nice and snug, liner bearings on the other axis are smooth. The mortise and tenon guides are tapered on the outside and make fitting the tenon to the mortise a breeze. They now have collars available to hold the setting for the next time you set up. It seems they make all their improvements backwards compatible. Got an email that they were changing the number of clamps sent in the future and offered discounted pricing if I wanted to buy more table clamps. The clamps provided are very high quality. The only accessory I ordered was the adjustable fence. Great dust collection.

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    The current FWW has a page on the Panto. I have no experience with it. I did work on a project some years back with a Multi-router. Very cool machine but the various cutters and such could add up.

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    I've had one for about two years and have used it for several hobby projects. Have used it for mortise and tenons of various sizes and also very handy for making the complex mortises for SOSS-type hidden hinges. M&T on the panto are very flexible - can do virtually any size and double, triple, or even quad M&T are easy and repeatable. Can easily do integrated dowels and tenons, or loose dowels and tenons. Box joints and dovetails are a snap. Works great for large finger joints, too. Lastly, I have also used it as a horizontal router for making panels. It's a very fun tool to use and between the templates you can purchase from them and templates you can make yourself the possibilities are endless.

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    You may have already seen this vido, but Jay Bates did an excellent job explaining the panto.

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